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Our mission is to set new standards in everything we do by combining the knowledge, experience, and dedication of our employees. and to deliver unparalleled solutions that exceed the expectations of our valued customers. We plan to donate to the art community to expand the field of art.


Our vision is to build a community of artists that redefine the craft. By combining our laser engraving expertise with the talent of our growing artist community, we can bring NFTs to life.

Our team

Charles Raimondo

is a 2D/3D artist born and living in New Jersey. Charles' passion for architecture, art, design was solidified through getting his master's with the inaugural class of the Michael Graves School of Public Architecture and by internships with Morris Adjmi, and Weiss/ Manfredi.

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Charles' time in grad school was notably known for his project titled "Mast Remediation" which is about combining the traditional United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) remediation processes with phased urban design strategies and architectural interventions that turn contaminated and wasted land along the NJ Transit Raritan Valley Line into dynamic public spaces. This project was a segway into exploring the process of converting brownfields into playgrounds. "Mast Remediation" received two awards, the Donald Rappaport Prize for public architecture innovation and a merit award from AIA Newark & Suburbun architects. After receiving his prize, Charles used the proceeds to build his own maker space studio. Using technical skills picked up in school/work , his y-1200 laser cutter and Prusa i3 MK3S he has been able to transform visions into realities for both local and national clients. From custom grow houses to Custom sign services for biophilic wall art, and countless small business signage in between, his maker space provides limitless opportunities for creative expression.

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Jonathan Raimondo

Owner of a NJ local window cleaning company named Suburban Window Cleaning. Logistics manager led the develepment of conceptualizing NFTE and also head of marketing and business develpment.


Kaushal is an artist born in Queens, New York and raised/currently based in Edison, NJ. Specializing in acrylic painting, her love for the arts is boundless. It is her intrinsic nature to create. Kaushal is NFTE very own enthusiastic epoxy artist.

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When explaining what moves her, Kaushal describes the depths of her whimsical imagination to be her strongest quality, and the biggest inspiration behind her work. Stretching beyond the canvas, Kaushal enjoys dancing, drawing, cooking, make up, and just enjoying every moment!

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Mustafa Khan

Owner of Menlo Park Framing Raised in New Jersey, Mustafa comes from a family of avid art collectors, woodworkers, and framers. He's has been working in the framing industry for almost two decades now - for museum collections, private collectors, Jack's Art Gallery, Vision Art Gallery, and Victori Framing - which he took over in 2018 and created Menlo Park Framing.

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Mustafa's passion for custom framing & printing shines through when he's working with his customers. His mission for Menlo Park Framing is to provide affordable museum-quality framing and printing alongside top-of-the-line customer service to every single customer. Over the last two years, Mustafa and his team have provided customers with a curated and unmatched collection of framing and photo services - all with five-star customer service. In his spare time, you'll find Mustafa spending time with his wife and two kids, cabinet-making, woodworking, and (sometimes but hardly ever) playing video games.

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Yustina Alexander-Himlan is an artist born in Belarus and raised in New Jersey. Ever since she was little, drawing, painting, and creating has always been her passion. In school art class was a subject not to be missed due to its creative outlet. Yustina hopes to bring peoples idea to life with art while giving clients a space to be as Imaginative as possible.

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Along with art, she enjoys acting, comedy, sfx makeup, or anything that gives you a chance expressing yourself

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Gloria Pimenta

Gloria is a colorist and owner of Conjured Hair Studio. With experience in the tattoo industry, she has been creating her whole life and is passionate about skilled artwork, craftsmanship, and composition.

Brianna Mcmaster

Brianna McMaster is a born and raised New Jersey based artist, who grew up in a Christian homeschooling group taught by her mother. Brianna grew a liking to the art classes her mother had taught her and has been painting ever since.

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She specializes in bright, colorful imaginative landscapes, still lifes, and mixed media works using a variety of mediums. Brianna is currently working on murals in Jersey City, NJ. You can find her latest mural “We Out Here” on Central Ave and Charles St in Jersey City Heights done in November 2021. Brianna has done volunteer murals for the Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, NJ July 2020 as well as volunteer virtual wine and painting classes to give back to the community. Her goal as an artist is to become a traveling muralist that teaches children in 3rd world countries to express themselves through art.

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Martina Hanna

born in Egypt, immigrated to the United States as a young child and is currently based in New Jersey where she is growing her art practice. Hanna took an interest in drawing and painting as early as 3 years old but decided to pursue art more actively after realizing the effect it had on being able to express her perception of the world.

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She studied at Mason Gross School of the Arts and in 2019, received her BFA with a concentration in painting. Hanna has been included in multiple group exhibitions in the New York/ New Jersey area. These exhibitions included a 2016 group show at Paul Vincent Galleries in Hoboken, NJ called Walking On Mars, and five group exhibitions in 2017, 2018, and 2019 at Mason Gross Galleries in New Brunswick, NJ. Her work often responds to and critiques American consumerism, socio-political issues, and gender roles. Although primarily a painter, She explores these issues using different methods including video, media installations, performance, and screen printing. Martina Hanna draws inspiration from her own experiences as well as pop culture, nature, and strong women. In 2019, She was interviewed by Catherine Nguyen with The Daily Targum about a public art installation she had created to raise awareness for hunger and food scarcity. The large-scale screen print work was done in dedication to Elijah’s Promise, a non-profit organization in New Brunswick, NJ. Later that year, Hanna was interviewed by Liquitex, an art supply manufacturer, and distributor about a project she had been involved in with a non-profit organization called Sing For Hope. This project included conceptualizing, painting, and varnishing a fully functional piano that is to be installed in an NYC public space and then donated to an elementary school in one of the five boroughs of New York City.

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We collaborate with other creative and skilled teams to triangulate new and unique projects. We use the latest tools and approaches to help solve a specific business problem.

We'd be happy to join young-eyed commercial or social teams. If you think we can create something amazing together, contact us in any suitable way to discuss the possible collaboration.

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Each NFTEngraving™ is our signature wooden 3d laser cut object which you can choose to get haind-painted or printed. You can then choose to add a high gloss epoxy for extra protection and a shimmering effect.

We offer custom framing services where you can choose to build your own custom shadowbox frame. We consider this the ballers package where your NFTEngraving™ is embedded into its own custom shadow box frame tailored to your vision.

W/O CUSTOM FRAME: Each NFTE piece is wrapped with foam and bubble wrap. Each carboard box is made in house tailored to each order........................................................................................ W/ CUSTOM FRAME: For nationwide/international shipping we use a high gloss plexiglass because it is more durable and less fragile than glass. After a frame is custom made, we will shrink-wrap cardboard around each corner. Then we add a layer of foam and bubble wrap. Lastly, your custom NFTE artwork into a cardboard box and send it out.

W/O CUSTOM FRAME: On the back of your NFTEngraving™ there will be a triangular hanging hook for you to use. Secure a small nail into the wall, hang your piece up and be sure it is level. Stand back and admire............................................. W/ CUSTOM FRAME: On the back of your ballers package there will be a hanging wire for you to use. Secure a nail into the wall, hang your piece up and be sure it is level. Stand back and admire.

Within the "Original NFT", "Custom NFT", and "Illustrations" pages, you will be allowed to create your own custom shadowbox frame. Scroll down to "SHADOWBOX", select "custom" and you will be able to begin the customization process.

Within the "Original NFT", "Custom NFT", and "Illustrations", you will be allowed to create your own custom shadowbox frame. In the "CUSTOM SPACER" section, you are allowed to choose between "One color", "Design in Photoshop", and "Custom hand-painted design". You will need pick one option and send us further detailed information based on your preference.

We use a high gloss epoxy to achieve that "POP" effect.

14 days

The product is not damaged & the product must have the receipt or proof of purchase

Menlo Park Framing, 55 Parsonage Rd, Edison, NJ 08837


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